1. Students will be responsible for their personal expenses towards plates and cups with their full name, cloths, buckets, umbrellas, towels, medical and hospital expenses, and other personal items.

2. An English Bible, preferably an NIV Study Bible is required.

3. Clearance bill of fee payment must be submitted to the Registrar before each Semester Examination for hall ticket.

4. Use of radio, record players, cell phones, etc., are strictly not allowed in the campus.

5. Students are expected to be conservative and modest in dress and appearance, boys with clean shave.

6. Bible students are mandated to observe times of prayer, attend chapel and other worship services, including all special meetings and functions, in order for them to grow in Christian virtues and obedience, and build up a passion for those who do not know our Saviour.

7. Each student in the campus must be characterized by deep devotion and service to the Lord and to one another.

8. Dining hall times and manners should be strictly followed. No food must be taken in & out of the Dining Room without permission.

9. The conduct of each student will be carefully observed by the faculty. A good standing with character is needed for graduation.

10. Attending cinema theatres and other places that ruin Christian witness is strictly not allowed.

11. Use of tobacco, alcoholic beverages, narcotic drugs, panparague, etc., are strictly forbidden.

12. SWMTS is co-educational. Social contacts between opposite sexes are strictly regulated by seminary rules.

13. All Seminary properties must be respected and be used carefully. Any property destroyed or lost will have to be honestly reported and replaced.

14. Uniform for boys : White shirt & black pants, Clean hair cut with clean shaven face

15. Uniform for girls : White Chudidar, Sky blue top and white shawl.

16. Only guardians are permitted to call the students, and the phone number should be intimated to the college at the time of admission and no other calls will be entertained.

17. Students must use the public phone provided by the seminary, and are not permitted to go out of campus for phone calls. Calls must be limited for 5 minutes. It will be assisted and monitored by the women’s hostel warden. Students going out of the hostel for making phone calls will pay the full fees.

18. Engagements in courtships, love affairs, revolts, unionizations, strikes of any kind, destruction of SWM property, anti-institutional activities, disloyal dealings, etc; will lead to severe disciplinary action upto termination from studies

19. Violation of the above regulations will be handled strictly.