Parassala, the southernmost village of Kerala, is a bilingual and most ideal place to train rural and urban ministers. It is located by the National Highway 47 connecting Trivandrum and Nagercoil cities, with long distance buses from all over. Trivandrum International Airport is just 38 Kilometers away. Parassala Train station is located less than one kilometer away with stop and reservation facilities for trains from all over.


From Parassala Post Office Junction, about half a kilometer north on the Parassala to Vellarada Road, we are located near the Government Ayurvedic Hospital. Right at the end of the Hospital you will see the Soul Winning Mission Theological Seminary sign post to your left. This is just a walking distance from the Parassala junction. However, stands of buses, taxis and auto rickshaws are right there. You will also see a sign post of the seminary at the Post Office junction.