An Auto Biography of Rev.Dr.JACOB P.ISAACand Dr.Mrs.Isaac At Their 50th Wedding Anniversary

Our aim is to prepare ministers of God who would truly follow Jesus commandment in Mathew 28: 19-20, which reads, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations and teach them to obey everything I have commanded you.......”

Birth and Family Background

I was born on April 03, 1938, to Mrs.Emeemal and Mr. Jacob Isaac of Pandimamoodu Thai Veedu, in the Christian Quarters of Cheruvarakonam, Parassala of Thiruvananthapuram District of Kerala State in India. I am the second of my parents’ 8 children, of whom 2 passed away in their childhood, and among the other 5 of my siblings my older sister Sophini Russel entered in Glory in 2015. Now, my 2 younger brothers, Dharma Joseph and Rajaretnam, and younger sisters, Glaris Thankam Muthayyan and Perinpa Nesam Thankachan are living with their families. My father was Artist in the Embroidery Industry of the LMS Missionaries in Parassala. I was born in the wealthiest house in the village, but raised in the smallest house, by chance. My parents raised me up in the strict Christian discipline of the local L.M.S Church. My fore-fathers, beginning the 1st convert Perinbanathy son of Maalan, all of them, Punyamuthu son of Perinbanathy, Abraham son of Punyamuthu, Isaac son of Abraham and Jacob son of Isaac, were living closely connected with this church as Christians and great contributors of their wealth for its welfare and growth. Moreover, my great-grandfather Abraham Punyamuthu was the founder of Kottukkonam, Perinpakonam and several other branch churches with Parassala Center, as a native Missionary Evangelist. If the London Missionary Society elevated Cheruvarakonam in Parassala as its Capital Missionary Center in India in 1845, and in turn, it turned and remained as the largest Mission Center in the world for many years eversince, my family’s very rich contribution by way of land, money and missionary work stood as its backbone.

My fathers in my maternal side also were staunch Christians in Elavilai, Killiyoor, of the same L.M.S Church beginning from Mr.Lazerus called Kunjan son of Chembaka Perumal. He sent one of his disciples Vedamanikkom to the then Tharangampadi Mission Center, Nagapattinam to locate the light for him that his then traditional goddess Bhadrakali asked him to go and find out from the East. Because, that goddess Bhadrakali was commamded by the Living God Almighty to share this message to him. The incident was, one evening when this demon Bhadrakali told Father Kunjan son of Chembaka Perumal “I am going”, he asked her(his deity) to take water in the lamp and lit the light as usual before going. This Bhadrakali is the consort of god Siva, both together are the Indian version of Ashtaroth and Baal. The custom of demon Bhadrakali was to jump into my great-grand father Kunjan’s well, making fearful sound to the hearing of the villagers, fill the lamp with water, and come out and lit the light every day at dusk. But on this particular day, she did lit the lamp at his request as usual, and told him, “To-day is the last day I am giving you light. Your light has come in the East. You must find out your light from the East and enjoy it from now on”. This is what made him send his disciple Vedamonikom to Tharangampadi, and through him, found out his light in Jesus Christ.

From the time Father Kunjan found out this light of Jesus Christ from Christian missionaries, he changed his name as Lazerus to mean, “I was dead, and now Jesus gave me life”, accepting Him as his Lord and personal Saviour leaving his old deities. Then he started serving Jesus Christ, along with Vedamonikom, proclaiming His Gospel of salvation to all the people in the surrounding areas. All his four sons turned native Missionaries. The older one founded the Amaravila LMS (now CSI), the next son founded Kakkaravila and many other LMS Churches under Parassala Head Quarters. The tomb of this Lazerus called Kunjan remains now in this Elavilai area of Killiyoor. His youngest son Abraham Lazerus was a Teacher cum Missionary Evangelist, and his son Mark Abraham as well as Mark’s daughter Emeemal Mark (my mother) were all in the zeal of following Jesus Christ.

Both my father and mother were the 10th generation descendants of two of the seven brothers that came to Colachel side along with their oldest brother Venkala Seirmana Nadar, who were from the royal family in the Royal City “Koodal the Great” in Madurai, of the Pandyan Dynasty. When this dynasty got crushed and the families scattered by a rival Telugu King, this family of brothers had come to the South and settled in the Colachel area. All my fore-fathers in both my father’s and my mother’s sides were Physicians and Masters of Martial Arts.

Venkala Seirmana Nadar and brothers turned Pearl Merchants. One day, he drove away all his six younger brothers and families to areas of protection for their lives from the expected wrath and destruction by Thiruvithamcore (Travancore) Chera King whose palace was in Padmanabhapuram, near Thuckalay in the context of his family’s planned tragedy. The tragical end began with the King’s arrangement to marry both the daughters of the Seirmana Nadar family. This arrangement of the Malayalam King turned an intolerable caste and prestige issue to this Seirmana father of the Pandian Royal family. So, the Seirmana parents and their both daughters chose to bring their end committing suicide, which they did disastrously. Killing both daughters, the parents jumped into the well in the house and killed themselves, bringing their end.

His brother in my fathers’ side who came to a jungle in Pareychalai(Parassala) named the place of his families settlement, “Seirmanakonam” after the name of his older brother . This “Seirmanakonam” in course of time, got drifted into Cheruvarakonam; as the place is known to-day.

My maternal side father who went to Elavilai of Killiyoor area to live in a mango groove named that place of his family’s settlement, “Mam Koodal”, after their ancestral city,”Koodal” of Madurai, and lived there. The places where the other four brothers went to and settled has not yet been traced clearly.

Educational Background

As for my educational background, I acquired my High School Leaving Certificate from Kerala Government in 1954, Diploma in Civil Engineering from the Department of Madras Government Technical Education in 1957, Diploma with License in Higher Grade Nursing under Christian Medical Association of India through Neyyoor Kanyakumari Medical(CSI) Mission Hospital in 1962, Bachelor of Science in Nursing Degree in 1972 from Madras University through the Christian Medical College in Vellore, Diploma in Social Therapy (ST) in 1976 from Forest Hospital Foundation in Des Plains in Chicago, Evangelical Teachers training Certificate in 1979 from Moody Bible College in Chicago, USA; Master of Hospital and Health Services Administration from Governors State University in Chicago, Illinois, in 1983, Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Missions from Alliance Theological Seminary in Nyack, New York, in 1990, Master of Divinity(M.Div) in Ministry in 1991 from the ATS, Nyack, New York, and Degree of Sacred Theology Doctor(STD) in 1993 from the United Christian College of Sacred Theology in New York.

Ministerial Background and Accomplishments

I was a Humanitarian and Health Service’s Person of various administrative and professional capacities for 20 years in India, Oman and USA. During this time, I was actively engaging with family in ministry also, and keeping Missionaries for Missions in India. I gained rich experiences on my Health Services during my six years period in Neyyoor Hospital and about 9 years in the prestigious Christian Medical College and Hospital, Vellore.

I received my first heavenly vision when I was just 3 years old and its scene and song never faded out of my eyes and ears, but kept controlling and disciplining my life. As a youth, I was a Sunday School Teacher, Christian Endeavour Secretary (Junior) and Choir member in the C.S.I. Church Parassala. I was also an active member of the local YMCA. It is quite delighting and gratifying my soul that the Sunday School that I started in one Mr.Ramakrishan Contractor’s House in a totally Orthodox Indu* area called Mundaplavila when I was just 18 years old, eventually brought 99% harvest, turning more than 99% of the population of the entire area, Christians. In later years, the Lord brought me to live among them, and my next door is the Church they built to worship.

At my age 35, the Lord took me to the Islamic State of Oman as a Government official under its Ministry of Health. From its capital city of Muscat, I was subsequently transferred to the District of Salalah, which was in the Bible- time known as Ophir, the place famous for gold, where the Righteous man Job of the ancient time was living, as per believable sources. Here, in Salalah, no one other than the Islam people could ever assemble for a worship before I went, although thousands of Malayalee Christians were there for up to 30 years before me. I was heavily burdened in my soul by God, and I could not rest myself until I founded its first Church in the name, “Christ Church, Salalah”, in December, 1974. The resistance and threat were too high in the beginning. No one except my two friends wanted to be with me. But God planted kindness in the heart of the Sultan for us. At present this one Christ Church in Salalah that I founded in the Evangelical Doctrine has grown into more than 45 Churches belonging to all kinds of denominations. Glory to God! When I planted this Church, I knew why God took me to Salalah with more power, capability and burden than others, through a different route, the Health Department. He has definite purposes and plans over everything He does! Everyone who got this news rushed to the Church for worship, and the membership increased to more than 50 in two to three weeks time.

When my God-given task of establishing this Church was done, taking a collection with my substantial contribution and the Sultan’s permission for building a Christian worship place, I entrusted the church leadership responsibility and construction responsibility with a few chosen brothers. I left Oman on May 4th, 1975, as the Lord mysteriously opened ways for higher education with immigration status to USA for me and my whole family through my friend.

When I came to India to prepare documents for my children to take them along with me, as my wife went before us, a Christian brother was waiting for me without guidance and finance to serve God. Entrusting an Indian Missions responsibility with sufficient instructions and ministry plans, all at my finance and direction upon him, I left for USA with children on January 18, 1976.

In the USA, when we were living in 9124 Senate Lane Apartment in the city of Desplains, Illinois, in 1976, the Lord gave me the name of the Mission as “Soul Winning Fellowship”, the first in the world in the name “Soul Winning”. I was receiving from the Indian Missionary a notice of crusade in a new place every month as I had instructed, and letters to the effect that the membership and number of Churches were multiplying with revival plan. I was spending plenty of my families’ hard worked money. But, when I returned three and a half years later to see the growth of the Soul Winning Fellowship, I found things different and strange. The brother in the Soul Winning Fellowship had already sold over a dozen of the Churches to a Singapore based Chinese “Jesus Alone” Ministry called “True Jesus Church” for high amount of money, secretly. I dismissed him right when I found it out, and left the ministry with that unfaithful one. Now, that S.W. Fellowship also has grown into well over 50 churches, to God’s glory.

In 1979 December, the Lord spoke in my soul to rename the ministry, “Soul Winning Mission”. Obeying God’s voice I began the Soul Winning work focusing Madras City. Every street corner of Madras (Chennai) and every public transport vehicle in the city witnessed the message of salvation by Jesus Christ through the voice of SWM workers. Very soon, the work spread to six districts, namely, Madras, Chingelpet, Nellore of Andhra Pradesh, Pondicherry, South Arcot, and Trichy. Malaysian merchants from Sree Lanka have written to me expressing how their salvation came to them through SWM street revivals in Chennai. This humble SWM ministry could establish and stabilize hundreds of Churches in those areas.

Refusing to accept Hospital President job after receiving its qualifying degree, MHA., I proceeded for full-time Missions in India on June 06, 1983, leaving my house in USA with Attorney and Real Estate Agent for sale, taking my family back to India. Here, we as family were conducting revival crusades with power ministries involving no cost to any one in almost all parts of Thiruvananthpuram and Kanyakumari Districts in the southern tip of India. Our music using accordion, trumpet, mandolin, guitar, etc., as everyone in my home played an instrument, attracted all audience and made the stage spectacular. It was from this our free service to God and fellow-humans, it’s onlookers invented an expensive ministry called “Team Ministry”, which makes a revival meeting very expensive in the present days.

In the year 1987, I turned my focus to church ministry in these areas, as the Lord led, and built a sanctuary at Puhenkada, Parassala. Within the next three years, this one Church grew into 7 Churches, namely, Puthenkada SWMC, Plaukal SWMC, Amblikonam Grace Gardens SWMC, Vencode SWMC, Keezharoor SWMC, Kannumamoodu SWMC, and Valanvila SWMC. These ministries keep growing locally, by God’s grace.

In the same year 1987, my family faced the need of moving back for children’s education in New York. I realized that this was the plan of God, especially, for training myself professionally in the field of Theology. I completed one graduate professional degree on Mission, and another on Ministry, and secured my doctorate degree on Sacred Theology within the next 6 years from very famous institutions, and thus the Lord made me a resourceful person on Theological Education.

In 1989, I opened a Certificate program in Theology, which was upgraded into Diploma in Theology in the following year 1990, and Bachelors Degree program in 1997, and Master of Divinity program in 2003, at Parassala Puthenkada, in Our Head Quarters. Subsequently, in 2011 the seminary was upgraded for M.Th in N.T and Missions. Although the primary motive of opening this Bible Institute was to impart advanced biblical education to the people of this south corner of India, students started pouring in from North-East and North India, and even as far as Nepal and Myanmar. From the inception of this Theological Education in the name Soul Winning Mission Theological Seminary in the campus, the growth of Soul Winning Mission Church took a different direction in filling almost all Indian States with our students with churches and Seminaries.

Our students are serving God in Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Meghalaya, Nagaland, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram, West Bengal, Orissa, Bihar, Sikkim, Punjab, Haryana, Maharashtra, Andhra Pradesh, Telungana, Karnataka, Tamil Nadu, Kerala and even Myanmar and Nepal.

Our student David Mangthang is the founder of Myanmar Pentecostal Church with many Churches in Myanmar. Our student Rev.Sanchu is the Senior Pastor for One Thousand Women Soldiers, the Naga Women Regiment of Indian Army and their families in Dhimapur. Our student Tonrei is the founder and Principal of the Master’s Theological College and Seminary in Manipur. Our students are doing meritorious service in Nepal. We have our SWM Churches in Nepal. Our students are leading SWM Church ministries in Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Bihar, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Jharkhand right now. Moreover, our students have too many Churches and institutions, in Orissa and also in every state of India.

The SWM had over one hundred Churches and institutions in Orissa and Chhattisgarh from 1997 to 2009. Now they are left to function independently. Right now, under the Soul Winning Mission’s direct control and supervision we keep over 60 churches in 7 states.

After God, my wife, Dr.Glory Isaac, the Present Principal, and my sons, Dr.Jay J.Isaac and Er.Aldrin J .Isaac, and my daughters Mrs. Emi A.Jacob and Adline Bella Mathews totally stand committed with their families for this service of God, without which my strength would remain very much restrained. Glory is the 1st daughter of Mrs.Daisy and Evangelist Appalose Vedakkon of Edaicode Kanyakumari District.

It is fully gratifying and heartwarming that our gracious Lord gave me this great opportunity to serve Him. I greatly praise Him and humble myself before Him for anointing me for this teaching ministry of preparing His anointed ones for His service. The places where I miss to go to serve God, my students go and serve Him! Those lost ones I miss to meet with and serve, my students meet and lead to Christ! The Lord has mightily used me with power ministries and miracle crusades not only in most of the Indian States, but internationally in countries such as Germany, Singapore, Nepal and many States of USA and Canada as well.

By God’s grace and talents, I have studied Indian Karnatic Music, and in English Music, black notes and tonic solfa notations. I composed over one hundred Christian songs in Tamil and Malayalam languages, and gave their tunes. A good part of them are in our song book. All of them are either my personal life and experiences with Christ, or what I heard and saw in dreams and visions, or what He made me write inspiring my soul. I could make only two CD’s and one DVD, one CD and DVD in Tamil language and one CD in Malayalam. The Malayalam CD was recorded in my own recording studio.

With the license of the Central Government, I am editing and publishing a by-monthly called, ”Atoning Glory”, a Theological and Missiological journal.

The book on Revelation that I authored, ”Kingdom of God: From Eden to Eternity” will come out of the press for readers very soon. Another book “The Pastors’ Hand book” is being used by many churches in their special ministries of the Church.

Additionally, right now I am holding responsibility of being the Chairman of the Advisory Committee of the “All India Christian Protection Movement”, an interdenominational movement standing for the protection and quality of Christians in India.

I am also Member of the Evangelical Theological Society (ETS) of North America, Member of the Evangelical Fellowship of India (EFI), and Ex. Associate Member of the American College of Health Care Executives (MACHE).

From the year 2002, our Seminary, the SWMTS, is an accredited member of both the “National Association for Theological Accreditation (NATA) as well as Asia Theological Association (ATA) which is the sponsoring body of the Continent Asia to the International Body of Theological Education. We are also affiliated to Martian Luther University through the ATA for conducting Arts and Science, the secular education.

The Soul Winning Mission Working jurisdiction covers all parts of India, as registered, with provision for establishing all kinds of charitable and educational instuitions.

In life, I faced the verge of death well over 40 times, and yet am living, and therefore, I join King David, saying, “Ye though I walked through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil; For you are with me”. And so in all honesty and humility, I say, “ It is surely not by me that I am serving my God, the Great and Mighty One, but it is He Who is giving me life, and making me serve Him. And so, all glory, honor and praises I give to Him alone!

Experiences Through The Valley Of The Shadow Of Death

I was just 2 years old when my parents, carrying me, attempted to cross a river, but a flood from mountain waters from thunder-storm rushed and carried us off the ground in the water current. It was only God’s hand that kept us from being carried our bodies away into the Arabian Sea, which was minutes away.

Then, before I reached age 21, I almost drowned in water 4 more times in very dangerous situations which I do not wish to detail here to keep the reader’s attention from diverted away. Once when I did not have surfing or swimming experience I was carried away to the deep by the high tide waves of Arabian Sea at Muttom. I came alive through these sinking experiences only by the miraculous and perfect plan of God.

Fifteen times I was administered with General Anesthesia in which 12 times they were for major surgeries and critical conditions. Among them, two times Vocal Chord Polypectomy for large growth in my Vocal Chord preventing me from swallowing and breathing, and once, for infected gall bladder with large stones leading to emergency cholecystectomy, are notable, as others. In these moments of shadow of death, Jesus was with me to bring me out safely. I have suffered major cardiac arrest from hyper sensitivity to Sodium Pentothal Anesthesia on the surgical table making the whole surgical team fight to resuscitate me for life for over six hours.

I escaped three major car crashes in which once a head-on collision against a Super fast bus, knocking both my wife and myself unconscious for many hours and left with many bones fractured. Once I and my children missed train crash by fraction of a second at an unprotected train- track crossing. This happened from my taxi driver’s careless driving in slumbering.

My body has suffered more than 40 fractures including ribs, frontal bones in the head, collar bone, feet, wrist, hands and legs from accidents and fall. Yet, I am safe and serving my Master.

My God has saved me from fire and snake bite. When doctors claimed I suffered Cancer in my chest bone, Sternum, and I miserably suffered in pain for every breath, the Lord heard my cry of distress accepting my submission and offering of myself, and healed me instantaneously. Yet, the Orthopedists surgically broke my sternum to find nothing. Even after 46 years of this surgery, not filling my chest-bone (sternum) where they broke it, now a visibly noticeable hole remains.

Four times I suffered extremely dangerous Pseudomonas lung infection and Bi-lateral Broncho Pneumonia. From Pneumonia, once I stopped breathing and was rushed in ambulance to emergency department of the White Plains Hospital in New York. I was there for over a week undergoing critical care and heavy doses of steroids therapy.

I suffered Dengue Fever twice. Consequently, with the first attack of Dengue Fever, I suffered Vocal Chord bleeding and subsequently, Vocal Chord Polyps leading to surgeries twice and loss of voice for a long time as complication. And in the second time attack of Dengue Fever, the Saraswathy Hospital in Parassala, Trivandrum, doctors discharged me to be taken home, as though I was dying. My Platelet count came down to twenty thousand from three lakhs in 2 days and I started subcutaneously bleeding while I was fully alert. My wife Glory, along with my nephew Dr.Reginald, rushed me in ambulance to Kims Hospital in the Trivandrum city where they administered intensive treatment in addition to transfusion with 2 bags of platelets. I was safe in the hands of Jesus, and He allowed me to come home healed in one week.

I suffered meningitis that led me to critical condition causing doctors of five specialties unite in team work and treat me in the White Plains Lawrence Hospital in New York, following removal of three pieces of decayed bones out of my ethmoid sinus adjacent to my frontal lobe of cerebrum, from accident and head-injury that I sustained a month and a half earlier. My deliverance came not from human hands, but from my Deliverer Jesus alone.

I suffered Cardiac Arrhythmia with irregular and intermittent 30 per minute heart-rate, six months after my second attack of Dengue Fever. I was examined by nine cardiologists from USA and India, of whom eight of them scared me much. My Electro physiologist in New York asked me to rush for investigative invasive procedure of Electro physiology, and then go for implantation of pace-maker. I was not at all shaky of it. I encouraged my family saying that the Engineer Who made my heart is not a man and that He knows very well to fix my heart, and therefore He would fix it at the right time. Saying this, I came to India for Missions. Jesus the Creator of my heart fixed my heart fully well, in just a month without any human help or medicine.

Five times the Lord saved me from attacks of enemy-mobs with lethal weapons. Once I fell breaking the Achillis tendon of my left leg, which hopefully happened as side-effect of Floxacin group of antibiotics given to clear my lung infections. After surgically mending my tendon, the doctors put me on plaster of Paris for 45 days upto groin and next 45 days upto my knee.

I was a lame for 1 year following a man-eater dog biting and eating a large chunk of meat breaking my blood vessals, nerves and ligaments from behind my right knee joint. I was blind for 1 week and I was a dum unable to speak for a long time in this world. Yet, by Jesus, I am here as a normal person serving Jesus. Our Arch-enemy Satan doesn’t want a God’s chosen servant live serving God. But the Lord will never fail His Chosen.

I have much more to say how preciously Jesus Christ cared me in and through the Valleys of the shadow of death, and how dear is He to my humble soul. If I had a thousand tongues, I would have used them all to sing and say of His praises. If I had a thousand hands, I would have used them all to labor for Him. If I had a thousand legs, I would have used them all walking for Him in His Vineyard. Whatever I don’t have now, and whatever I leave unfinished when going to my Father’s home, I trust and bless in Jesus that my heirs, my physical and spiritual future descendants including my students, will possess and finish as their cordial offerings to our Blessed Redeemer, and enjoy such a great and wonderful eternal life, all of them, in our Father’s Home!